WhyLunch Addict

Why did we develop Lunch Addict?

– How often you need to decide where to go for lunch and wish there was a simple app to check if there is a food truck around the corner? We do very often.

– And when you’re waiting for your order to be ready, don’t you wish you could let others know about the great food truck you found? We would do every time.

Hurray!!! Now there is a platform to do both – to check for open food trucks and to add food truck locations for others to find.

Is Lunch Addict only for Consumers?

No, Food Truck Owners, Bloggers, Foodies, Community Organizers, and Catering Companies will use all of our features every day while managing everything for a single app:

– Add food truck locations to the map and post them on Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) with couple clicks. Don’t sacrifice your social network you built for so long - Lunch Addict is your Food Truck Social Hub. We also make social posts easier to use by including Google Maps link and your custom hashtags.

– Set open/close times and let customers find you and plan a trip ahead of time. Let customers plan their meal ahead of time, the same way they plan brick and mortar restaurant trip.

– Update daily special or temporary menu change (*)


Superapplication features

  • Super Intuitive Map
  • Truck Details + Reviews
  • Share Everywhere
Super Intuitive MapTruck Details + ReviewsShare Everywhere

Why UseLunch Addict?

All Relevanttruck details

We have the largest and the most complete and accurate directory of Food Trucks around the World -almost 5,000 and keep growing every day. That means the information includes all possible pieces of information, including Yelp.
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Integratedsocial platforms

We embrace Social platforms and Review websites because we understand how important they are for both customers and food truck operators. Everything is literally one click away and we continue exploring more sourcing of relevant data to add. In Lunch Addict Customers can see all details, reviews and pictures in one place with live updates. And food truck operators can continue communicating over extended social following they built up while taking advantage of all the features Lunch Addict has to offer.
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Easy to Joinand contribute

Lunch Addict makes it simple for food trucks and customers to join and contribute. We built our backend to do heavy-lifting for you - recognize food trucks using different types of handles and names, detect your local time zones, translate map tap to readable address. All you do is find and enjoy your next meal.
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An Appto change the way you find lunch

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Lunch Addict is brilliant it means i can easily type in the my location and it lists and locates all nearby food trucks. This really does save some much hassle searching the web.

Susan Riley

Downloaded this app not to long ago and i have used it ever since. Saves me opening my computer and therefore means i can sort my meals faster.

Johnatan Doe

This has saved me a massive amount of time, as i work long hours i don't have time to try and find food trucks. I can even locate a truck that would be on my walk back from work.

Charles Williamson



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